MAKE THE most of your site

Whether your site is up and running or you’re planning of advertising online, the following tips will help maximise potential exposure to local customers.


In the UK, the internet is now where most people search for local tradesmen. Despite this, very few UK traders use the web and fewer still have their website’s domain name printed on their vehicle or business cards.

This is a big mistake. Think about it – how many catchy or memorable website names do you see around in your daily life?

If you were to spot a van or card that had a memorable URL, that’s the first company you’d call to mind when in need of a service they provide.



Social media is one of the cheapest, easiest and most effective ways to steer customers to your site. Facebook remains one of the most used platforms for UK trade searches and recommendations. It’s also great platform for communicating with potential customers and advertising discounts or offers.

But there is a downside. Conduct any Facebook search for UK local traders and you’ll be inundated with results for identical half-complete pages that look very amateurish – not a good first impression.

link to a professional web site, however, will make you stand out from the rest and increase the likelihood that customers will opt for the more professional looking service. So, get your Facebook page up and running, make the link to your website highly visible, and steer customers towards this with links in your pictures and statuses.



Similarly, Twitter is increasingly used to search for local tradesmen. It’s also a fantastic platform for engaging with potential customers and offering discounts and promotions.

Once again, include a link to your professional website in all of your statuses and you’re almost guaranteed to secure locals looking for a professional service.

Update your feed regularly with pictures of your work and offers, and you’ll soon build a following.

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