British Tradesmen's Van of the Year


We’ve compiled official sales figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) to find the top-10 best selling UK tradesmen’s vans in the in 2021.

10. Vauxhall Combo - 8,987 sold
Retaining its place from last year at #10. The Combo's compact size makes it ideal for British tradesmen and women needing to park in tight spots.

Vauxhall Combo

9. Peugeot Partner - 9,415 sold
Retaining 9th place this year, the sleek Peugoet Partner is a mainstay for those in need of a nifty compact van.

Peugeot Partner

8. Ford Transit Connect - 9,912 sold
Fords are a firm favourite among UK electricians, plumbers, carpenters. Looking at the design and specs of the Transit Connect it’s easy to see why.

Ford Transit Connect

7. Citroen Berlingo - 10,129 sold
The name may be dubious, but the quality of this van certainly is not. Plenty of space in the rear and decent mileage means this van is still a firm favourite with those in trade.

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6. Vauxhall Vivaro - 14,633 sold
Slipping one place from last year, but the Vivaro remains the van of choice for UK tradesmen and women in need of a robust, mid-sized van.


5. Ford Ranger - 15,302 sold
Is it the Ford Ranger’s rugged good looks or its solid performance that sees this van’s increase in popularity and sales? Either way its moved up one place to #5 in 2021.

Ford Ranger

4. Volkswagen Transporter - 18,708 sold
It may not be sleek or sexy, but it when it comes to reliability and value for money, there’s one brand British tradesmen and women trust - VW. And that’s why the their Transporter remains a mainstay in the top 5.


3. Mercedes Benz Sprinter - 19,005 sold
Sales of the Sprinter were down by 4,000 in 2021. But that payload never fails to impress plumbers, electricians, roofers, glazers and anyone else lugging hefty kit. The Sprinter may have slipped once place to #3 but it remains the van of choice for many.

Mercedes Sprinter

2. Ford Transit - 27,880 sold
UK sales of this stalwart increased by a whopping 6,000 this year! Which is why it is now the second biggest-selling tradesman’s van in Britain. A solid choice for anyone in trade.

Ford Transit

1. Ford Transit Custom - 43,862 sold
Despite only a modest sales increase in 2021 (up by 300), the Ford Transit Custom remains the firm favourite among Britain's tradesmen and women for the third year running. Its sales are nearly double those of the closest van! You can’t argue with that, and neither do those in trade.

Ford Transit Custom


Position Model Number Sold
1 Ford Transit Custom 43,551
2 Mercedes Sprinter 23,506
3 Ford Transit 21,724
4 VW Transporter 15,856
5 Vauxhall Vivaro 15,530
6 Ford Ranger 13,097
7 Citroen Berlingo 12,159
8 Ford Transit Connect 11,344
9 Peugeot Partner 11,174
10 Vauxhall Combo 11,118